HC-200+T Wire cutting stripping and twisting machine
    • HC-200+T Wire cutting stripping and twisting machine
    • HC-200+T Wire cutting stripping and twisting machine
    • HC-200+T Wire cutting stripping and twisting machine
    • HC-200+T Wire cutting stripping and twisting machine
    • HC-200+T Wire cutting stripping and twisting machine

Product information

Cutting stripping and twisting wire


Hechang’s delicate technique and adventurous idea have accomplished a special machine for twisting two wires at the same time .

The recent tendency of electronic products, light, thin, short, small, so the wires tend to be thin, short and high precision, the machine is able to play its greatest strength. The past is as difficult to machining 50mm short-term, there is no any difficulty, even total length of only 1mm, both ends of the 0.3mm also.

At the same time can be set individually wire feeding, feed, tool and peeling and peeling speed, for isolated lines can also be forced peeling to 99mm, eliminate the previous line of separation can not fully stripping and injury to the troubled heart line. The scene clearly, size set clearly displayed on the LCD panel.

All kinds of wire diameter, size, by setting. Can easily set the required processing wire size. Even if there is a set of error cases, computer can immediately alarm, and indicates the error setting where need to be modified.

The number of required wire can also be set, the total number, and can be displayed clearly. Two wires can be cutting stripping and twisting at the same time . Short, thin, ultra precision cutting function. Capable of processing two wires, yield increase.

The two wires can be cutting and stripping twisting at the same time, cut off, at the same time as the most advanced peeling machine, also can only do one wire. For cutting samples and mass production can handle a situation with ease, economic efficiency is very high.


◆Broader processing range with a diversity of options and solutions

◆Simple integration of upstream and downstream equipment

◆Intuitive, flexible and simple User-friendly english operation

◆Extremely low maintenance




It can process 2 wire synchronously,which makes the efficiency higher,

Twisting function can be closed or opened according to the requirements of actual operating need is attached


Technical Data




Outer dimensions




Power supply

AC110V/220V  50/60HZ

Power consumption(220V)


Cutting length

0.1mm--99999.99mm leaving middle skin more than 200mm

Cutting tolerances

±( 0.1+0.0005×L )mm  L : indicates a cutting length.

Stripping length

0.1-99.9mm (depends on wire material)

Twisting length

0.1-99.9mm (depends on wire material)

Applicable wires


AVSS,VSF, IV, KV, UL,Teflon ,BUR,, BVR, Glass Wire, Battery cable, etc



outer diameter 5mm-0.4mm , depend on the type of wire


Wire feed speed


Conduit diameter

Φ7mm -- φ0.4mm

Drive supply

Stepping puls motor/Air cylinder   four-wheel drive,independent drive box driver




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HC-200+T machine is specially designed for wire twisting .  Two wires be processing at the same time . Labor saving, time saving and More precision .

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