HC-608PMJ Automatic wire Cutting and Stripping inkjet marking Machine
    • HC-608PMJ Automatic wire Cutting and Stripping inkjet marking Machine

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The latest generation of automatic wire processing machines features extreme flexibility and processes at high speeds. These operating conditions put tough requirements on wire marking that can only be met with appropriate solutions. Is the object to mark quicker, smaller, more reliably, with greater resistance or merely more cheaply? Hechang has a range of marking systems that ensures the optimum solution for your specific application.


Hechang’s delicate technique and adventurous idea have accomplished a special machine for wire inkjet marking ..

Belt Feed has made stable measurement come true .

HC-608PMJ  inkjet marking systems excel in their high marking speeds and in the simple and reliable way in which they process the wire. Cutting stripping and wire jet printing processes in one step.

Text input, setup parameters and all other settings for the marking text are easy to enter from the user interface of the basic machine. The standard functions include bold, symbols, adjustable font width and height, double character spacing, inverse font, continuously alternating text and sample marking.

You can set inkjet marking position anywhere. Don’t need to put on number pipe. labor saving ,time saving , low input ,high reward. most of important , more precision .

Wire sizes from 0.5mm2  to 16mm² fall under its processing capacity. 

It can grasp the face of the wire whose surface is unlevel, which is often seen on shield wire . high precision, thus greatly improving efficiency. You are assured maximum flexibility and even more efficient way of meeting your wire processing needs.belt feeding wire without leaving any traces, high precision, thus greatly improving efficiency.


◆Broad application range with a diversity of options and solutions

◆Cutting to length and stripping of stranded and solid conductor wires and cables

◆Simple integration of upstream and downstream equipment

◆Intuitive, flexible and simple User-friendly english operation

◆Extremely low maintenance

◆High marking speeds




Outer dimensions




Power supply


Power consumption(220V)


Cutting length

0.5mm--99999.99mm  leaving middle skin more than 100mm

Cutting tolerances

±( 0.1+0.0005×L )mm  L : indicates a cutting length.

Stripping length


Applicable wires


Electrical wiress PVC,AVSS,VSF, IV, KV, UL,Teflon ,BUR,, BVR, Glass Wire, Battery cable, W1, W2, , etc


Min wire : 0.5mm2

Max 10mm2  25mm2 35mm2   BVR multi strands soft wire cutting stripping and inkjet marking , it depend on wire material

Characters control

Flip,Reverse, bold characters(letters,numbers)

USB Interface

IP68 protection grade USB connector

Drive supply

Stepping puls motor/Air cylinder  transmit belt feeding, eight-wheels drive,independent drive box driver

Ink-jet printer

KGK printing  ( JAPAN)

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Automatic wire Cutting and Stripping inkjet marking Machine

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