HC-608XL Flat Cable cut and strip (120mm2)
    • HC-608XL Flat Cable cut and strip (120mm2)
    • HC-608XL Flat Cable cut and strip (120mm2)

Product information

Surprising wire range and high power. Reliable and precise jacket stripping of large cables. (optional 185mm2 )



Belt Feed has made stable measurement come true .

Hechang’s delicate technique and adventurous idea have accomplished a special machine for very large wires in diameter.

The machine is designed for a wide variety of special applications or the separation and    processing of inside wires in big cables.we’ve actualized the stable length measurement by performing the wire feeding with belt feed system.

It can grasp the face of the wire whose surface is unlevel, which is often seen on shield wire . high precision, thus greatly improving efficiency. You are assured maximum flexibility and even more efficient way of meeting your wire processing needs.belt feeding wire without leaving any traces, high precision, thus greatly improving efficiency.

HC-608XL may be used as a stand-alone machine as well as in combination with various peripheral machines creating a fully automatic cable processing line.


Intuitive, flexible and simple touch-screen operation

Simple integration of upstream and downstream equipment

Broader processing range with a diversity of options and solutions





Outer dimensions




Power supply


Power consumption(220V)


Cutting length

1mm--99999.99mm leaving middle skin more than 200mm

Cutting tolerances

±( 0.002×L )mm  L : indicates a cutting length.

Front end Stripping length

Sheath cable/wire: max 300mm

Electric cable/wire full strip: max70mm

Rear end Stripping length

Sheath cable/wire: max 200mm

Electric cable/wire full strip: max100mm

Applicable wires


AVSS,VSF, IV, KV, UL,Teflon ,BUR,, BVR, Glass Wire, Battery cable, electric wire,cable, multicroe sheath cable, flat modular phone cable, multicore wire ,PCV cable,Telflon, fiberglass . W1, W2, VSF, etc

Wire capacity

Max 10mm2--120mm2 (AWG7-AWG5/0)

Wire feed speed


Conduit diameter


Drive supply

Stepping puls motor/Air cylinder  transmit belt feeding, twenty eight wheels drive,independent drive box driver





Such thick wires have been processed by hand in the field such as cubicle, elevator, power plants where they handle high votage electrical power lines, Fortunately , HC-608XL machine is specially designed for big thick power lines . Labor saving, time saving and More precision .



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