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What is terminal crimping machine

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Terminal crimping machine is composed of fuel tank, power mechanism, commutator valve, pressure relief valve, pump oil mechanism, pump oil mechanism by oil pump body, high and low pressure oil out oil hole, eccentric shaft, eccentric bearing, driven gear and a pair of high-pressure oil pump and a low-pressure oil pump composition, oil pump body suspended on the tank cover, High, The low pressure oil out oil hole is opened on the oil pump body, connected with the unloading valve oil road, the eccentric shaft is arranged vertically, the upper armature is placed in the center of the oil pump body, the lower end is fixed with eccentric bearing, the moving gear is fixed at the top of the eccentric shaft, connected with the power mechanism, the high and low pressure oil pump is suspended on the oil pump body, each with an eccentric bearing contact The pump cavity of low-pressure oil pump is connected with the oil hole of high and low pressure oils respectively. Advantage of terminal crimping machineis that the pump oil mechanism and the power mechanism can be connected to the vertical connection, can make full use of space and small footprint, conducive to operation and transportation, the high and low pressure oil pump form into the active form of eccentric bearings, with simple structure, less components and conducive to assembly.


Terminal crimping machine also has a lot of use in life, mainly can be pressurized precision instrumentation, electronics, bushing pumps, turbochargers, gearboxes, gears and other presses, automotive shock absorber assembly, precision bearings, bushings, auto parts, pumps, turbochargers, Gearbox, gear, car chassis parts, rear axle, sub-frame bushing and other machinery.

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