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What is wire stripping terminal crimping machine

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Wire stripping terminal crimping machine refers to a machine used for wire processing, also known as automatic stripping press, which is a new type of equipment that has just emerged in recent years. It is used for feeding, cutting, stripping and pressing. As one of the multi-functional machines, humanized and intelligent high-end technology products, suitable for large, medium and small enterprises, saving labor.

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The wire stripping terminal crimping machine has high precision and high speed, and has a stripping, twisting and crimping detection system. The digital control interface uses the working power of light, electricity, machine, gas and magnetism, and imports electrical accessories, which is easy to operate and saves time. Edit this paragraph product features full Chinese character graphic display, wire length processing, knife depth, terminal position, they are all set by the button, easy to operate, easy to learn and understand, low cost of maintenance supplies. It can quickly and effectively improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, increase the profit margin of enterprises, and bring certain help to the survival and development of enterprises.

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