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The use and construction of pneumatic terminal crimping machine

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Pneumatic terminal crimping machine is a necessary tool for continuous electrical voltage connection of wires in basic structure and line maintenance of power industry. Insulating terminal crimper is one of the crimpers.

pneumatic terminal crimping machine

Pneumatic terminal crimping machine consists of an oil tank, a power mechanism, a reversing valve, a pressure relief valve and a pumping mechanism. Pumping mechanism includes oil pump body, high and low pressure oil outlet hole, eccentric shaft, eccentric bearing, driven gear and a pair of high pressure oil pump and pumping mechanism. The low pressure oil pump is composed of the low pressure oil pump. The oil pump body is suspended on the oil tank cover. The high and low pressure oil outlet opens on the oil pump body and is connected with the oil circuit of the oil pressure relief valve. The eccentric shaft is longitudinally arranged, the upper end pivots at the center of the oil pump body, and the lower end is fixed. Eccentric bearings are arranged, and driven gears are fixed on the top of the eccentric shaft and connected with the power mechanism. High and low pressure oil pumps are suspended on the pump body, each of which has a drive element in contact with eccentric bearings, while the pump chambers of high and low pressure oil pumps are connected to the high and low pressure oil pumps. Pressure oil outlets are respectively.

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