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The Application of pneumatic wire stripping machine

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When people hear pneumatic wire stripping machine, many people may not understand it, and there are many processes in the operation of the machine. In the process of wire stripping machine, sometimes in order to facilitate the follow-up operation of terminals or plastic case, semi-stripping form is used to prevent thread diffusion, and copper wire is not fully inserted. Insertion, resulting in defective products and other issues. Sometimes, you need to connect one wire to multiple wires.

pneumatic wire stripping machine

In addition to the two ends, you also need to connect with other wires in the middle. In this case, you need to use peeling technology to open the window in the middle of the bundle. There are two main types of peeling machine: the blade pulled to both sides, the outer skin peeled to open the G knife in the middle, and the cutting knife that peeled the outer skin after other parts were torn off manually.

After our introducing,i think you may know more about pneumatic wire stripping machine. And if you need this machine,welcome to contact us.

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