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The principle of pneumatic wire stripping machine

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Pneumatic terminal crimping machine has been widely used in all walks of life, and the design principle of computer wire stripping machine is what many people can't understand, and designing a good machine requires not only professional team research and development, but also long-term investment and experiment.

pneumatic wire stripping machine

The movements involved in the pneumatic wire stripping machine include: incoming line movement, stripping movement and appearance movement. The incoming line motion power source is driven by the stepper motor, which transmits the force and moment to the timing belt, and rotates in the timing belt. The power is transmitted to the roller shaft, and then the roller is driven to rotate. The stripping is mainly performed by the cutter in the tool holder for vertical up and down movement. The power source is also a stepping motor, and the power is transmitted to the synchronous belt. On the gear shaft, the cutter is driven to move up and down to complete a stripping activity. When the movement occurs, the force and the moment are transmitted to the timing belt, and the reverse direction is moved under the rotation of the timing belt to send the processed wire.

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