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HC-608F3 Large cable automatic cut and strip machine

View: 13421-04-2021  

This machine is mainly used in auto industry, sensor industry, electricity industry,, electrical cabinet, wires in battery holder, it can cut and strip the whole wire to the required length and required strip head, without harm on the skin and conductor, the idler wheel makes it good to feeding, thus improving the efficiency.


Cutting length

0.5mm-99999.99mm( leave middle skin more than120mm)

Front end stripping length

Sheathe wire Max 300mm/strip off cable Max30mm

Back end stripping length

Sheathed wire Max 180mm/strip off cable Max50mm

Back end stripping length(double sheathed wires)

Outer sheath 25mm-140mm,core wire 1-15mm

Wire stripping range

The diameter of 608F3 sheathed wire can reach 12mm

Wire type

Sheathed wire, pvc, Teflon wire,glass thread,telephone wire.

Conduit diameter


Driving mode

Idler wheel feeding,eight wheel drive,independent drive box drive.



Air Pressure


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