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How to use the cable cutting and stripping machine

View: 29011-10-2022  

The cable cutting and stripping machine have the function of stripping the plastic wrapping and the metal core which is wrapped on the electric wire and so on. It is the most popular machine in the machinery industry, so how should it be used?


There are seven steps to using the cable cutting and stripping machine:


(1) the operator shall carry out spot checks according to the requirements and make corresponding records.


(2) before starting the machine, to its accessories such as a comprehensive and careful inspection, there is no problem before the boot.


(3) the wire must be prepared in place, and the tension wheel should be adjusted well, or it will not make the wire deformation, but also make the wire smooth delivery.


cable cutting and stripping machine

(4) press the power switch, adjust the position of the cutter, input the length of the wire and the length of the strip, then load the wire, and check the machine running speed is normal. When everything is OK, press the start button to get the machine running.


(5) after cutting several roots, the quality of the product is checked to see if it meets the technological requirements. If it does, convert the cable cutting and stripping machine, then turn it back on normally for continuous production, otherwise, it should be adjusted.


(6) if you need to stop in the middle, press the stop button. In case of a security emergency, press the emergency stop button.


(7) if there is any abnormality in the production process, the power shall be cut off immediately and the professional maintenance personnel shall handle it.


The above is how to use the cable cutting and stripping machine. I hope it can help you. If you have other questions, you can contact us at any time.

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