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The proper use of the terminal crimping machine

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The terminal crimping machine is a kind of common machine that can be completed by stripping and pressing at one time. It has an automatic air-blowing and oil-feeding device, which can reduce the phenomenon of waste clogging and extend the service life of the blade, it can increase the output of the stripping terminal. So, terminal crimping machine, do you know the proper way to use it?


terminal crimping machine

The impact force of the terminal crimping machine is very big, so you should be careful when operating it. The correct operation steps of the terminal crimping machine are as follows:


1. Turn on the terminal crimping machine power switch and the power indicator lights up.


2, pay attention to the machine inside and outside there is no obvious abnormal sound, if there is a suspension of work, please machine repair staff to determine whether the need for maintenance.


3. Selecting and installing the knife: it must be operated by the appointed person. Before installing the knife, it must be checked by hand whether the selected blade is matched or not. After the comparison is correct, the knife can be installed. After installing the knife, it must be tested by hand.


First, turn off the terminal crimping machine power supply, press the adjusting button, and use the special wrench to shake the driving and driven wheels to maximize the stamping stroke of the terminal crimping machine, check to debug to OK. Before the operation does the corresponding inspection of the locking screws and makes sure that there is no loosening.


4. Loading: install the terminal which needs to be hit, and use the hexagonal spanner to adjust the feed pressure plate, so that the terminal can pass easily, observe whether the feeding position is suitable, if not, to adjust, use the hexagonal wrench to loosen the feeder lock screw, turn the adjusting screw to adjust until the best condition, then lock the feeder lock screw, start working.


5. Testing the tension: after adjusting the machine OK, take the scrap wire to test, and test the tension. The main reference values are shown in theTension test control table. The specific operation methods are as follows:


Press the tension test reset button to reset to zero, clamp the terminal wire to be tested, and test, if the tension is not within the standard range, please repair staff to adjust until the standard value.


6. Send 10pcs to IPQC for first part confirmation, check OK before mass production. During production, the operator must check if the terminals are not good, such as packing glue, hanging neck, etc., and every 1 hour to carry out a terminal tension test.


7, after the completion of production, finish good products, and waste products, and clean up the environment around the machine sanitation.


This is the correct use of the terminal crimping machine, I hope to help you, if you have other questions, you can contact us at any time.

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