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Features of cable lug crimping machine and points for attention in use

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A cable Lug crimping machine is a necessary tool in power line construction and line maintenance. Used in power distribution terminal crimping, lightweight, high durability, maintenance probability not all hydraulic tools reach set pressure automatic pressure relief, the head can be rotated for the different workplace, mechanical hydraulic head to ensure the quality of crimping.


cable lug crimping machine


Features of the cable lug crimping machine:


1. Achieve 4,000 pcs/hr high productivity


2. Correspond to a wide range of wires with optional accessories installation


3. Compact size is achieved by placing the pre-feeder on the side of the main body. Space savings also reduces the operator's workload


4.New machine specialized for large wire size(0.1sq-2.5sq/AWG#32-13) with 2ton servo press


5. Ultra-quick changeover, setup, and cycle time


6. Unique quality monitoring devices



Tips for using a cable lug crimping machine:


1. Check the cable lug crimping machine for correct terminals and loose panel screws before use


2. Whether the power supply is safe and reliable


3. Single play first, and by tension test crimping is reliable, until after reaching the standard and then hit.


4. After the end of the work clean the table, and check the blade row is intact and if there is an exception to be timely adjusted or replaced.



These are the features of the cable lug crimping machine and the points to note when using it. We hope to help you. If you have any other questions or needs, please feel free to contact us.

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