Features of the wire tinning machine
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At present, the Wire Tinning machineis widely used in electric switches, transformers, transformers, electric power, and electrician, etc. . Because the tin coating is not easy to change color in the air and has good solderability, conductivity, and low cost, so in the power, electrical and electronic industries, tin plating instead of silver plating has become a development trend. The technology of wire tinning machines overcomes the shortcomings of acid and alkaline tin plating and solves many concrete problems existing in current brush tinning technology.

Wire tinning machine

What are the features of the wire tinning machine?

1. The tin coating is silvery and bright with even color.

2. The tin plating solution has no corrosion to the base (such as aluminum and its alloy) and the original tin plating layer. When large area brush plating, the neutral tin plating solution will not corrode the unshielded base metal, nor will it corrode the already finished bright tin layer, and has no effect on the gloss of the original tin layer.

3. Wire tinning machinecan be repeatedly tinned. When the need to brush plating a thick tin layer, you can brush plating on the original tin layer (such as if the original tin layer thickness is not enough, need to re-tin plating, etc.), tin coating appearance quality is unchanged.

4. The plating capacity is greater than 0.3 mm, much higher than the current conventional brush tinning technology.

5. Wire tinning machineconstruction temperature range. Bright tinning can be carried out at room temperature, even in hot summer, or a long-term brush plating solution temperature rise does not affect the bright effect of the tin plating layer.

6. Brush plating voltage range, can be in the 3 -8 v voltage range of normal tin plating.

7. Wire Tinning machineis safe and environmentally friendly, harmless to the human body, and non-polluting to the environment.

These are the characteristics of a wire tinning machine, I hope that through the above content, we can let you know more about our products and understanding. If you have any other questions about this, feel free to contact us.

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