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How can we operate a fully automatic crimping machine to delay the service life effectively?

View: 4921-11-2022  

Achieving the highest quality in a manually operated station is often a problem, especially when verifying and tracking production parameters. We emphasize reliability and process control in our powerful, fully automatic models. The same technology is used in automatic analog models to ensure the highest processing quality. Fully automatic crimping machines are the good choice.

fully automatic crimping machine

Compared to available crimping machines, fully automatic crimping machines may perform better. Although they can work automatically, they must master some basic operations to prolong their life.

The fully automatic crimping machine, the first power switch, and the light will be on. If not, it is possible that the failure of the problem, this time the need for detailed maintenance. After starting the power supply, take your time to start working. 

Automatic crimping machine knife selection and knife loading are also critical, and the staff must be experienced. Before loading, the knife should also determine whether the matching and then start loading. The knife, after loading, should also be adjusted and checked.

In using the fully automatic crimping machine, the same need to pay attention to many issues to ensure safety at work. The requirements can not arbitrarily cut off the power supply, but also pay attention to their safety, do not easily touch their fingers or other parts of the fully automatic crimping machine dangerous parts. Mastering the automatic terminal machine maintenance method is also very important, only do a good job of basic maintenance work to extend the use of automatic terminal machine time effectively.

The above is in the operation process to effectively delay the fully automatic crimping machine's life. If you need more detailed information, welcome to contact us!

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