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Take you to understand the causes of the high temperature of a fully automatic crimping machine and the solution to stop suddenly in operation

View: 4629-12-2022  

With the development of society, fully automatic crimping machines as a new type of automated equipment, with feeding, cutting, multifunctional machine stripping, crimping, and other functions is a humane, intelligent high-end technology product that can effectively help save labor, and therefore favored by all kinds of large and medium-sized enterprises. But in the process, it is inevitable that the fully automatic crimping machine temperature is too high or suddenly stops running, so what are the reasons for the high temperature? Running suddenly, stop what to do?

fully automatic crimping machine

1. fully automatic crimping machine temperature is too high.

(1) caused by the equipment running for a long time, which is a normal phenomenon.

(2) may be due to equipment failures, such as steel ball bearing inner and outer ring imbalance or the number of lubricant problems. As the fully automatic crimping machine seat and end caps are processed separately, the imbalance is very likely to exist, so usually, strengthen the inspection of this aspect.

In addition, be sure to control the amount of lubricating oil added to the fully automatic crimping machine bearings. Too much or too little will trigger the temperature exceeds the standard after finding the problem, as long as the right remedy can be solved, thus ensuring the service life of the fully automatic crimping machine.

2. operation of the fully automatic crimping machine suddenly stopped.

(1) after the fully automatic crimping machine stop, you need to check the fully automatic crimping machine data is not set in the preset position. This is very important. If the crimping machine is not properly debugged before use, it is easy to use when the failure occurs.

(2) check whether the number of meters to reach the preset value, and then see if the total value of the rational value is set to 0; whether the compressed air pressure is too low to find these phenomena after gradually solving it: first of all, press the stop button ESC number of meters to clear zero, followed by the need to set the total value of the number of adjustable air pressure to 0.4MPA or more. Frequent training for the operational staff and handling simple problems is very necessary.

In addition, we should also note that the fully automatic crimping machine routine maintenance work should also be carried out gradually, such as fully automatic crimping machine lubrication points, as well as the friction parts, pay attention to the diligent refueling, not less than two times per shift; often check whether the work of each part of the machine is normal, all the couplings and fasteners are loose if there is loose, timely tightening. If machine parts wear, they must be replaced on time. Only the daily maintenance and repair work well to reduce the frequency of failure of the crimping machine, increasing the service life.

The above is the cause of the fully automatic crimping machine temperature being too high and the operation of the sudden stop in the solution. If you need more detailed information, welcome to contact us!

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