Semi Automatic Taping Machine for Wire and Cable
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    • Semi Automatic Taping Machine for Wire and Cable
    • Semi Automatic Taping Machine for Wire and Cable
    • Semi Automatic Taping Machine for Wire and Cable

Product information


  • Mode of operation: touch screen

  • Winding method: spiral winding

  • Compatible with different types of tape materials without release paper, such as Burkina Faso Tape, PVC tape, etc.

  • Flat, no wrinkles, the winding of the cloth tape is overlapped with the previous circle by 1/2

  • Switch between different winding modes: point winding at the same position, and spiral winding at different positions

  • Semi-automatic winding

  • Available to custom lap and speed settings and has the output display

  • Blades can be quickly replaced


wire harness tape wrapping machine


Applicable wire diameterФ1mm-25mm
Main engine speed (RPM)200-1400 RPM, adjustable
Applicable tapePVC, vinyl, cloth, felt, tape, etc.
Tape outer diameterup to 110mm
Tape width9-30mm
Package size430*380*260
Tape inner hole sizeФ 38 (option: Ф 32)
Winding lengthinfinite length
Voltage220v/110v optional


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