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Flat cable cutting machine in life

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In basic production applications, cables need to be cut during use. In the more conventional technology, when cutting a cable, if the cable is cut directly using scissors or a wire cutter, the end of the cable is cut back. The signal lines will be jagged, and the jagged signal lines will prevent subsequent connections from continuing to be cut again, which will increase the daily workload of the average worker.


Then there is a machine called a flat cable cutting machine, which includes a cutting device with a cutting base, a cable placement slot at the top of the cutting base, a cutting slot in the cable placement slot, and a cable. The fixing groove is placed at the bottom of the cutting table and the cable is fixed. There are cutter holes in the groove, and the cutter cuts from the top to the bottom, causing large damage to the blade, requiring frequent replacement, and high cost. However, the use of a flat cable cutting machine saves a lot of work time and effort.

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