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Considerations for using the wire cut strip crimp machine

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The wire cut strip crimp machine plays a very important role in many factories. It is usually used to process some very detailed things. If the machine breaks down, the production of the factory will stop, which will cause a great loss. So workers in the use of the machine need to pay attention to all aspects of the matter, if a little careless about which step is wrong, the machine may not work.


The wire cut strip crimp machine has strict requirements on the temperature of the working environment. The temperature of the working environment should change very little throughout the year. If the sunlight inside the factory is especially abundant, there is often particularly harsh sunlight coming in through the windows, which can have a particularly bad effect on the work of the wire cut strip crimp machine. Therefore, the location of the factory must be selected, the use of this machine requirements are very many, which requirements have not been achieved, are unable to play the role of the machine. If the need to process very precise parts, the temperature requirements will be more stringent, it is best in the 20 degrees Celsius environment on the parts processing.


Wire cut strip crimp machine

Wire cut strip crimp machine in the work will emit a lot of heat, if the working environment temperature is too high, the machine will cause great impact, but also affect the life of the machine. And the machine will emit some strong electromagnetic waves while working. If the factory does not take some shielding measures, it will cause great harm to the workers and the surroundings of the factory, and the machine works inside the factory to special ventilation.


In the setting of the specific amount of processing and working time voltage, according to the specific processing to set. There are processing, processing materials must, and molybdenum wire to maintain a certain distance so that processing reduces the occurrence of accidents. When operating the wire cut strip crimp machine, it is necessary to put insulating liquid such as kerosene in the machine tool, because the machine tool will have a certain discharge during the process of working, and if this kind of liquid is used, it can also discharge some waste products.


Wire cut strip crimp machines can not be used by everyone if the use of careless attention to detail if the problem can be very difficult to solve. The use of such machines can not be casual, only the staff who mastered the correct use of such machines to a large extent can be used, and the overall efficiency of the factory will be greatly improved.


The above is what should be paid attention to when using a wire cut strip crimp machine. If you have other questions about this, please feel free to contact us.

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