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Tips for using the wire stripping machine

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A wire stripping machine is a kind of machine that can strip the plastic skin and metalcore from the wire. Due to the different wire diameters, materials and compositions, there are different suitable models. Is it the most widely used machine in the mechanical industry? What are the main points to note when using it?


1. Turn on the wire stripping machine when the power indicator is on.


2. Make sure that the wire stripping machine is working properly and that there is no abnormal sound (please stop the machine if there is any abnormal sound and contact professional staff to repair it).


3. In accordance with the requirements of the strip set the corresponding parameters (line length, strip length, total, fixed number, speed, etc.).


wire stripping machine

4. Before production, must try stripping a few wires, check whether the wire stripping machine is in line with the requirements, whether there is stripping not clean, peeling skin, peeling core, stripping, and other undesirable phenomena.


5. If you need to change the processing parameters, be sure to stop the wire stripping machine before setting it up.


6. In the use of the process if found abnormal or abnormal detection results should be immediately cut off the power supply to stop use.


7. Keep the wire stripping machine's 5s running and running after use.


These are the main points of the wire stripping machine, it is not only high precision, and fast, but also has the advantages of intelligent processing, to provide the greatest flexibility and the best productivity. If you want to buy a wire stripping machine, feel free to contact us.

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