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Advantages of fully automatic crimping machine

View: 42107-12-2022  

With the development of social science and technology, compared to ordinary terminal machine products, fully automatic crimping machines are more favored by consumers. The main reason for the technical content and functional design is a fully automatic crimping engine, more intelligent design, more perfect than the traditional terminal machine performance, and stability has also been greatly improved, easy to use, fast, work efficiency greatly improved, in modern industrial production, efficiency is the development of enterprises Life, to promote the better development of enterprises, it is necessary to focus on the performance of the fully automatic crimping machine design.

fully automatic crimping machine

The fully automatic crimping machine can be completed at one-time wire cutting, with wire ends peeled and wire pressed against the function of the terminal. The unique point of the fully automatic crimping machine also has one end demanded end of the twisted head dip in the process. Semi-fully automatic crimping engine only has the function of peeling and playing terminals and also requires manual release of wire crimping and correction.

Compare the difference between the two.

(1) fully automatic crimping machine is the integration of one or more servers (silent type) crimping machine, its operating principle and the general terminal machine are different. It only needs to give the server a message, and this information is then passed to the motor, a fully automatic crimping machine can act;

(2) crimping machine, we are generally known as the semi-fully automatic crimping machine, which is now commonly seen in the market above the kind of vertical type of desktop crimping machine. This crimping machine is with a foot pedal power-off clutch. Because of the crimping machine operation, the motor is constantly operating. Each time, the foot pedal will give a power-off signal to achieve terminal pressure, which is one of our most common crimping machines. This is the most common type of terminal machine.

With the enterprise labor difficulties and gradual, automatic production in recent years, the crimping machine market is fully automatic crimping machine accounts for most of the market. Fully automatic crimping engine with high efficiency, hands-free, high accuracy, ultra-quiet, and other advantages to win the majority of enterprises' love.

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