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Factors affecting the precision of fully automatic crimping machine processing

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In the wire harness industry, the production process of determining its production efficiency is a high, and low important factor is the fully automatic crimping machine. We all pay more attention to the number of units produced within a moment. Still, few people pay attention to the slight degree of its production products. The practice of high-end products on the fineness of the requirements is higher because the manufacturers can produce less, and the price is naturally higher. The profit is greater, so how can we produce a Fine high degree of wire harness products? We will share with you to effect of the fully automatic crimping machine processing fineness of the five elements.

fully automatic crimping machine

Fully automatic crimping machine processing accuracy refers to the parts processed after the scale, shape, mutual orientation, and other parameters taught by the practical value of its outstanding value close to the degree. The closer the actual value and the ideal number, the smaller the processing error blood and the higher the processing accuracy. The machining accuracy of the part includes scale accuracy, shape banyan degree, and orientation accuracy.

(1) scale accuracy.

It refers to the practical scale of the part and the degree of closeness to the ideal scale, commonly used to indicate the scale of public service. The standard metric service is divided into 20 levels according to the standard rules. That is, IT01, ITO, 171YIT18. It indicates the standard servitude, and Arabic numerals indicate the level of servitude. The larger the number, the larger the value of servitude, and the lower the scale accuracy. 1TOI --- IT13 for cooperative scale, now commonly used for cooperative scale servitude for IT5 or less; IT14-ITIS for non-cooperative scale.

(2) Shape accuracy.

It refers to the degree to which the practical shape of the part is close to the ideal shape. There are six kinds of shape metric service: straightness, flatness, backness, reading column, line generalization, and surface generalization.

(3) bit dish public service.

It refers to the appearance of the part, axis, or symmetry between the surface of the practical bit wall and the ideal bit surplus close to the degree. Fully automatic crimping machine orientation public service has parallelism, straightness, tilt, orientation, coaxial symmetry, mouth runout, and full runout eight. Usually, the fully automatic crimping machine processing methods to reach the accuracy is the accuracy that can be reached under normal operating conditions, known as economic accuracy. When designing fully automatic crimping machine parts, the first should be based on the importance of the parts' scale to decide which accuracy to use; secondly, it should also consider the plant's equipment conditions and processing costs away from the low. In summary, selecting accuracy ensures that the technical requirements can be reached under lower precision.

(4) appearance quality.

Fully automatic crimping machine parts of the appearance quality, including the appearance of roughness, the outer surface layer plus the degree of hardening and the nature and size of the residual stress on the exterior, the appearance of the parts of the quality of the parts of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, and other properties, as well as the service life of the parts have a great impact. Therefore, quality awareness requirements are higher on the high-speed, heavy load operation of the parts of its appearance. Available parts of the drawings are only marked on the exterior roughness requirements. Surface roughness is commonly used to identify the value of the general arithmetic mean deviation (R.).

The higher the quality requirements of the appearance of the part, the value of the fully automatic crimping machine's appearance roughness is also smaller. But some parts of the appearance, for the appearance or clear put considerations, the requirements of brightness, and the tip of the degree of play not necessarily high, for example, the machine tool handle, panel, etc. As seen from the above formula, to improve the output rate of cutting processing, practice is to reduce the terminal machine parts processing process time, box help time, and other times.

(5) moment accuracy.

In the production process, beat control not only takes into account the operating ability of workers but also takes into account the fully automatic crimping machine itself's internal aspects of cooperation, such as when to crimp the terminal appropriately, when to cut the line appropriately, which may be a difference of 0.1 seconds, the quality of the harness produced is completely different. This practice is the moment of precision control issues, and fully automatic crimping machine in the moment of a high degree of control, and controllability is very strong.

Therefore, we want to take place in the line fully automatic crimping machine mall, and it is necessary to be able to produce more and better and more fine products. Hence, the above five categories require us to focus on more than one. In addition to mechanical aspects, we must consider the people and the company's elements. True mastery of the seniors' production skills also needs time and effort to cultivate more fully automatic crimping machine-related issues. You can always consult us!

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