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HC-1Q/2Q/3Q Four points terminal crimping machine

1. The pressing mechanism of the clamp is curve propulsion mechanism, and the force is transferred from four curves in the head cavity of the right clamp handle to four blocks

HC-1Q/2Q/3QFour points terminal crimping machine
HC-1Q/2Q/3QFour points terminal crimping machine
Product Detail

▶ Machine Characteristics

Structure and principle

1. The pressing mechanism of the clamp is curve propulsion mechanism, and the force is transferred from four curves in the head cavity of the right clamp handle to four blocks, and the block moves in a concentric straight line. Press the front end of the block to press the contact body so that the wire and the contact body are pressed. The four head block moves in harmony, the indentation depth is consistent, and the quality of the wire and contact body is ensured reliably.

2. The internal ratchet claw and rack are used to match the self-locking mechanism to ensure the consistency of the indentation. If the pressure is insufficient or the supply time is too short, the pressure block will not be returned because of the self-locking mechanism. At this time, the pressure should be adjusted or the air supply time should be increased, so that the pressure block moves to the gear position. Return to normal use.

3. The clamp has eight working gears. By lifting the dial (take out the pin first) and rotating, the pointer on the dial is pointed at the corresponding gear, the dial is lowered and confirmed that the dial is flat on the panel, Before we can start work.

Troubleshooting and cautions

1. No rigid steel press joint or a solid or thick cylindrical piece shall be inserted into the pressure tooth cavity to press the joint wantonly, or when a small file is strayed into a large diameter contact body or jammed by a hard object in the tooth cavity, Please contact us.

2. working pressure 80-120 P.S. I. Maximum air pressure 120P.S.I. (5.5-8.3bar)

3. press, insert terminals and conductors, supply air to clamp body with pedal switch, release pedal after pressing, press block back in position, remove pressing body and press joint. The following is a sample of clamps.


HC-2Q 3Q

Crimping sample

▶ Machine Specification

TypeHC-1Q, Four points terminal crimping machineHC-2Q, Four points terminal crimping machineHC-3Q, Four points terminal crimping machine
Wire size20 AWG - 32 AWG (0.52 mm²-0.03mm²)12 AWG - 26 AWG (3.33mm²-0.128 mm²)8 AWG - 18 AWG (8 mm²-0.8 mm²)
Adjustment plate gearCrimp head diameter (INCH/mm)Crimp head diameter (INCH/m)Crimp head diameter (INCH/mm)

▶ Application

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▶ Company Advantage

With a professional team of R & D experts, advanced processing technology, and a firm commitment to customer satisfaction, HeChang Intelligence strives to provide first-class wire harness solutions.

When it comes to service, we assure you that during the guarantee period, should any issues arise with our machines, please notify us immediately if the machine is not functioning correctly. Providing pictures or videos that clearly depict the problem will be helpful. We are committed to resolving any problems within 24 hours, and if necessary, our technical personnel will provide on-site assistance.

Changzhou Hechang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is dedicated to delivering high-quality wire harness processing equipment, exceptional service, and ensuring utmost customer satisfaction.

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▶ Our Honor

Our equipment has obtained many patent certificates and certifications. With a dedicated team of R & D experts, advanced processing technology, and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, we strive to provide top-quality solutions.

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  • Q: What are the wearing parts?A: Blade and belt. More spare parts info, please contact us.

  • Q: Operation and user manual?A: English and Chinese optional.

  • Q: How long is the warranty period?A: 1year, all belts and blades without of the warranty.

  • Q: What after sales service do you provide?A: Technicians online support, video technical support within 24 hours.
    If you need local service please check with Hechang Machinery. Generally require additional charges.

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