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HeChang provides cutting-edge wire harness processing equipment for the industrial electronics industry. Our comprehensive range of equipment is designed to meet the specific needs of wire harness assembly in industrial electronic applications.


Our wire cutting and stripping machines ensure precise and efficient preparation of wires for assembly. With high-precision cutting and stripping capabilities, these machines guarantee accurate wire lengths and clean stripping results.


For secure and reliable connections, our crimping machines deliver consistent and uniform crimps, meeting the stringent requirements of industrial electronic applications. These machines are designed to handle various wire sizes and terminal types, ensuring optimal performance and durability.


To streamline the assembly process, our terminal assembly machines enable efficient and accurate terminal insertion and assembly. With automated processes and intuitive controls, these machines enhance productivity and reduce human errors.


Additionally, our wire harness labeling systems provide clear identification and traceability, facilitating maintenance and troubleshooting in industrial electronic systems.


Invest in HecHang's wire harness processing equipment to optimize your production efficiency, ensure the quality of wire harnesses, and meet the demanding requirements of the industrial electronics industry. Our solutions are designed to enhance productivity, accuracy, and reliability in wire harness assembly for industrial electronic applications.

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