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HC-906CHHMG wearing a baked number tube Yinyu machine (discs)
HC-906CHHMG wearing a baked number tube Yinyu machine (discs)
HC-906CHHMG wearing a baked number tube Yinyu machine (discs)
Product Detail

▶ Machine Characteristics

1. Industrial automation PLC, industrial control all -in -one machine with upper machine software control, simple operation, stable work, and high efficiency.

2. The automatic printing thermal tube label is realized through the upper machine software, and the characters can be set freely. At the same time, the different tag printing of the multi -core wire can be achieved. Adjust the baking position by positioning the device.

3. The production capacity can reach 700-1500 terminals/per hour (depending on the speed of manual online) o

4. Equipment compatibility is large, and multiple specification line materials can be realized by replacing the treatment tool.

▶ Watch Video

▶ Machine Specification

ModelHC-906CHHMG wearing a baked number tube Yinyu machine (discs)
Input voltage220V-AC
rated power1450W
Equipment operating cycle2.5 seconds
System control methodPLC/Industrial Control All -in -One Machine/Upper Machine Software
Equipment sleeve compatibility range2.0 4> /6.0 <|> Standards
Equipment sleeve baking length8mm-35mm (optional governance)
Baking temperature0 ° C-380ac (adjustment through the temperature controller)
Air pressure requirements5.5/6.5KPa
Run temperature0°C-50aC
Storage temperature-201-601
Runtime humidity10%RH ~ 90%RH (no dew)
Anti -interference abilityInterference voltage: 1500VP-P pulse cycle: 1US duration: 1 minute
cooling methodForced wind and cold
Dimensions/Quality740*width 640*height 1270mm/82kg

▶ Application

515F AP-1.jpg

▶ Company Advantage

With a professional team of R & D experts, advanced processing technology, and a firm commitment to customer satisfaction, HeChang Intelligence strives to provide first-class wire harness solutions.

When it comes to service, we assure you that during the guarantee period, should any issues arise with our machines, please notify us immediately if the machine is not functioning correctly. Providing pictures or videos that clearly depict the problem will be helpful. We are committed to resolving any problems within 24 hours, and if necessary, our technical personnel will provide on-site assistance.

Changzhou Hechang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is dedicated to delivering high-quality wire harness processing equipment, exceptional service, and ensuring utmost customer satisfaction.

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▶ Our Honor

Our equipment has obtained many patent certificates and certifications. With a dedicated team of R & D experts, advanced processing technology, and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, we strive to provide top-quality solutions.

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  • Q: What are the wearing parts? A: Blade and belt. More spare parts info, please contact us.

  • Q: Operation and user manual? A: English and Chinese optional.

  • Q: How long is the warranty period?A: 1year, all belts and blades without of the warranty.

  • Q: What after sales service do you provide?A: Technicians online support, video technical support within 24 hours.
    If you need local service please check with Hechang Machinery. Generally require additional charges.

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