HC-608 L2 electric cable cutting machine and strip (120mm2)
  • HC-608 L electric cable cutting machine and strip is designed for a wide variety of special applications or the separation and processing of inside wires in big cables.
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    • HC-608 L2 electric cable cutting machine and strip (120mm2)
    • HC-608 L2 electric cable cutting machine and strip (120mm2)

Product information


This machine is mainly used in the automotive industry, power industry, electric control cabinets, and battery box wires. The entire roll of wires can be cut and stripped according to the required length and stripping, thereby greatly improving efficiency. BV hard wire, BVR soft Lines are applicable.

Technical Data



Outer dimensions




Power supply


Power consumption(220V)


Cutting length


Cutting tolerances

±( 0.1+0.0005×L )mm  L : indicates a cutting length.

Multi conductor Cable Stripping length

Frond end stripping length:Max300mm

Rear end stripping length:Max:200mm

electric cable stripping length

Frond end stripping length:Max70mm

Rear end stripping length:Max:100mm

Applicable wires


AVSS,VSF, IV, KV, UL,Teflon ,BUR,, BVR, Glass Wire, multicore sheath cable, Battery cable, W1, W2, VSF, etc



6-120mm2 (AWG10-AWG2/0)

 BVR multi strands soft wire

1-35mm2 (AWG17-AWG2) BV hard wire

Wire/cable middle window stripping

the open position can be arbitrarily set , opening fixed

Conduit diameter


Drive supply

Stepping puls motor/Air cylinder  transmit belt feeding, 20 wheels drive,independent drive box driver

Wire Sample 

electric cable cutting machine

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