HC-9600A Fully automatic coaxial cable cut and strip machine
    • HC-9600A Fully automatic coaxial cable cut and strip machine
    • HC-9600A Fully automatic coaxial cable cut and strip machine
    • HC-9600A Fully automatic coaxial cable cut and strip machine

Product information

automatic coaxial cable cut and strip stripping machine


This coaxial cable cut strip machine is designed for the communication industry manufacturing( coaxial cable processing) , cutting coax cable,multi-layer or multi-stage stripping can be completed on one step.

The HC-9600A is a fully-automatic, programmable multi-step cutting and stripping machine for coaxial, multi conductor cable and single conductor wire. HC-9600A can process cables up to 5.5 mm outer diameter and Min processing lengths up to 45mm( can meet your short cable processing requirments)


High precision rotary stripping up to 9 steps

Menu guided programming with user friendly color touch panel

No mechanical adjustments required when changing wire sizes

Very sensitive trigger sensor

Operator has clear view of the entire working area

Processing Capabilities



Full strip

Half strip

Coaxial and triaxial strip  

Multi-layers coaxial strip

Multi-conductor Cable stripping

Multiple step strip

HC-9600A  Coaxial cable cut strip machine is designed based on intelligent photoelectric technology , Japan Nsk ball bearing . Lead screw drive and use our companys patent design specific with axial positioning device .

It can remember 100 kinds of operation program .

Unique blade on three sides by grinding technology, increase the wear resistance than other ordinary blade by more than 30%, each machine can be put in storage after processing by tens of thousands of times of simulation.



The HC -9600Ais ideal for a great diversity if products made in small to medium quantities.

The HC-9600A Cut and strip multi-layered conductors in up to 9 steps the processing steps can be programmed in any desired for every level. the cutting parameters can be independently set and optimised for every lever.

Technical Data


HC-9600A Fully automatic coaxial cable cut and strip machine


Cable outer diameter

1.37mm-5.5mm , optional : up to 12mm

Min processing length

Min processing length 45mm,  

Max Cutting range


Peel level(step)

9  levels(steps)

Max. Stripping Length

Front end :max60mm

Rear end :max 35mm

Stripping Length Increments

0.01 mm


7 inch touch screen

Rotating blades

2 slabs of imports Switzerland tungsten steel

Cut and strip blades

4 pcs blades ,imported high speed steel

Cable Clamping

Motor driven with programmable clamping force

Program Capacity(memory)

100 kinds of cable data


700pcs /h depending on wire

Power source

220V/50HZ P:850W





Working condition

0-50 degree, dry moderate workshop, no vibration



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