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Requirements for working environment of fully automatic crimping machines

View: 39608-11-2022  

The fully automatic crimping machine is no exception. Many types of research show that the error rate of terminals increases exponentially with the increase in temperature, and the service life of fully automatic crimping machines decreases exponentially with the increase in temperature. The service life of the terminal will be halved with the increase of temperature by 10 ° C.


In addition, the operation guarantee of the terminal in the pneumatic system of the single-end terminal machine has a great relationship with cleanliness. Check whether the terminal is tight, should be accurate, and firmly connected to the circuit, so as to avoid interruption caused by the shutdown.


fully automatic crimping machine

What are the specific requirements of the fully automatic crimping machine for a work environment?


1. If the wall is covered withSweat, it is recommended to buy a dehumidifier for dehumidification. It is best to use industrial dehumidifiers.


2. In the long-term moist area may place the charcoal or the bamboo charcoal spreads on the room floor. It has a good effect on balancing humidity, controlling dust mites, and purifying the air. It is usually better to put cartons on the floor of a factory.


3. It is a good dehumidification method to put some quicklime and sand in the relatively damp dead corner.


4. Dehumidify with air conditioning. Now, most air conditioners have a dehumidification function. Starting the air conditioning dehumidification function can effectively solve the problem of wet rooms in the rainy season, and can form an all-around protection to a fully automatic crimping machine.


5. Fully automatic crimping machine is best used when not in use, the protective cover effectively prevents electrical back contact with humid air. You can also increase the frequency with which you use these appliances, as the machine generates heat while it is running, which effectively dissipates moisture. If the computer does not show dampness, you can turn on the power, usually, for about 10 minutes display can be reworked.


6. If the air outside is too humid, remember to close the doors and windows. If the room is too wet, in order to ensure the ventilation of the room, you can use air conditioning and a fan way for dehumidification.


All of these things have a lot to do with the productivity and longevity of fully automatic crimping machines, so it's important to note that Hechang Intelligent is a company that specializes in fully automatic crimping machines, if that's what you're looking for, please contact us.

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